Deadline by agreement on the email –
Price: 2.000 Kč/for parents (reservation and payment is required one week in advance)

Barbora Kaplánková DiS – Midwife with 15 years of experience on Labour Wards in Czech Republic (General Teaching Hospital) and United Kingdom (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals).
You can contact me with any questions or book a term:

Dear mums-to-be and dads-to-be! We are newly opening antenatal classes for english speaking couples lead by an experienced midwife.

There is an opportunity for you and your partner to join our antenatal classes before your baby arrives. Visit us with your partner to prepare for this amazing (and sometimes slightly exhausting) period. Our midwife Bára is looking forward to answer any question about pregnancy, labour, delivery and postnatal period.

The best time to attend our classes is between 36. – 40. week of pregnancy (that you can still keep all the useful information on your mind 🙂

To prevent pregnancy problems I recommend these lessons:
Exercises in 3rd trimester of pregnancy
Exercises for pregnant women

The topics of this classes are:

  • the care of a pregnant woman
  • the end of pregnancy and its specifics
  • when to go to the maternity hospital, what to pack in your delivery luggage
  • how to support your partner during this very special time, the role of the father on the labour ward, what to expect on the labour ward
  • demonstration of relaxing position and breathing techniques in the first stage of labour, demonstration of the right a effective pushing ang breathing in the second stage of labour
  • third stage of labour
  • possible complications
  • the early care of the newborn on the labour ward and on the postnatal ward
  • postnatal period – its specifics, what to get ready for the baby, how yn ?1-as a partner- be most helpful and supportive

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